Just Info

Shipping: I can get your puppy to you (my customer) several different ways It depends on your location 

 Air Shipping: My shipper is Ozark Mountain Pet Transport sometimes also called Ozark Jet A Pet.  Tony Gunter takes the puppies from my area to St Louis   He ships on  Fridays except for Holidays and weather delays.  With shipping you will get a crate big enough for the puppy, your health certificate from the vet, your shot records,  registry papers and microchip registry.  You will need to provide your name, address, a phone number and choice of airport.  They may be weather delays due to extreme heat or cold.  Also the normal delays that all flight customers have to deal with. For the most part shipping is included in my price  Canada and Alaska will cost more and I will have to get the shipping price from the shipper.

GROUND SHIPPING: There are ground shippers out there. Puppy Travelers, R&D and Deanna's Loving Companions  are three I have used recently.    You can pay them when they get to your area (I would have to get you a price)  I do Know Puppy Travelers goes out west.

Meeting me:  If you live or want to travel within a couple of hours of me I will bring the puppy to you. I charge $50 for this and I will travel further for additional gas $$.  If I have enough notice I will still get a vet health check for you.  I will bring all papers and some food with me.  No crate.
You are more than welcome to come here to pick up your puppy.  I can meet you somewhere close. At this time for insurance purposes, I cannot let you come to the kennel.  I am 2 hours South West of Springfield or 4 hours from St Louis. 5 hours from Kansas City and Memphis.


Vet Info: My Vet is called West Plains Veterinary Clinic. 417-256-4515 They have been my vet for the last 12 years. I buy  my vaccines for my puppies there and they do all my health certificates and take care of my sick puppies and dogs.A health check for a puppy says basically that a puppy is healthy enough to be sold and travel.  They check the puppies heart, knees, lungs, look at bite and look for open fonts, check for mites and fleas and sometimes do a stool test for worms and other parasites.  If they find anything wrong at all I will get with you ASAP and figure out a plan of action.  (like if the puppy has a cold and I need to keep him another week or two, or if I need to send meds with him, or if I need to send your money back)  If this should cause a delay, I ask for your patience as I would rather send you a perfectly healthy puppy! They also do all the rabies shots. If you are buying an older puppy they also do spaying and neutering. (That cost varies ($150+ for most neutering) and I will hold the puppy for two weeks after surgery)
The Vet will need your name and Address for his records.
I am a State Licensed Kennel, have my USDA license and a member of Missouri Pet Breeders Association (MPBA) I attend education classes every year to keep up with new changes and strive to always improve my kennel.  I also belong to MAHA, the Calvary Group and Farm Bureau. Microchips are now included with the cost of the puppy and all puppies will be micro-chipped.  The Chips will be registered into your name as part of the price of your puppy. You can ask that your puppy not be chipped, but I need to know before 5 weeks.References: I do have references, please ask!  Guarantee: I do have a contract for purchase and health.  I will send this to you when I do the paperwork for your puppy. You can sign and send back via mail or electronically. 

I Love my Dogs!

My dogs are loved on by me and my family.  My pups are as healthy as I can make them and are handled by adults and my 6 year old granddaughter (supervised!)