All have Found Homes

Marcy Litter

Mom is Marcy

She is a bigger girl about 18#  Super friendly and a good Mom.

Dad is Louie


He is my first Min-pin and the sweet Mama's Boy :)  15#

Has had OFA's done on knewws hips, elbows and heart.  All to the good.

Important Info!

Born 9/11/18

Ready to go  11/6

Tails docked

Ears will be cropped after 6 weeks.

You can request not docked.  Need a deposit before 6 weeks of age

Microchipped and chip will be put into your name, paid

ACA registry paid

Uthor and Unity


These two are spoken for and going to Long Island NY

Unity has found a home!

Black and tan and looking good!

Her new parents are looking forward to getting her after she turns 8 weeks old.


A black and tan girl, the smallest in the litter.

Tannia's Litter

Mom is Tannia


Tannia is a smalll 7# Girl.  She was my first Min-Pin girl and is spoiled!  :)  Good Mom who raises scrappy little pups

Dad is DD


With a name like Fireboy's Denns G Douglas you have to be a special boy!  His name is bigger than he is!  DD weighs 7# and sires beautiful pups!

Stuff you want to know


Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Born : 8/19/18

Ready to go: 10/14/18

Ears cropped at 6 weeks.  Need deposit  to not crop

Tails are docked

ACA registry paid

Microchip registry paid

Sebastian is sold

A black and tan boy going to live in Michigan

spoken for

A pretty red boy with a light smear of white on his chest

going to MA

Soren is an all red boy