Puppies on the way!

Future Litters

I am going to be posting my future litters on this page

Ask about them!

Please feel free to email me about these litters to be!



I will not take a deposit until the pups are 2 weeks old and have eyes open, but I can put you on a "futures" list and let you know who had what.


Mom is Ellie

Ellie Bishop weighs 15#

Very Sweet Cavalier King Charles.  Super gelntle easy going personality and she love attention.

Dad is Louie

 Rif Raf Rides Again.  He is a black and white "Phantom" Weighs about 10#  Makes very pretty babies! 

He is a friendly boy and loves the ladies!

2 born 10/9

We have One Boy, Maddox and One Girl, Lexi  Both are black and Tan with white chins and chests

Bonnie, Dachshund Litter

Mom is Bonnie

Bonnie is an 11# Black and Tan

Hershey with Nuts

Hershey is Chocolate with a white Chest 12#

Due any day!

Any day now!